‘Pull Your Weeds Plant Your Seeds’

‘Pull Your Weeds Plant Your Seeds’

A few years back my friend gave me a book with the same title and it is a great idea for how to connect to Spring and all ideas that can now begin to grow after being under frozen earth during winter (apart from my lucky pals who live in California!). Yet all these metaphors live on no matter where we live. One of the benefits of a yoga practice, especially a Sadhana-based practice (by this I mean where the practice is for spiritual development and not poses for the sake of posing.. if you know what I mean kids), is that we have the stillness and quietness of mind to really begin to look at what is being spoken to us from our deepest inner words.

Sometimes it is easier to live life with unfulfilled dreams, keeping one in the role of victim of their life, than it is to be brave enough to branch out and fulfil your dreams and perhaps fail along the way. Therefore, the ideas, wishes, travels, creative projects that we would love to do get buried deep in the frozen earth, never to bud or grow. With all good intention, this is actually more a ‘normal’ way of living than the person that relentlessly follows their heart and inner voice. However, I really truly believe, after connecting with literally thousands and thousands of people in my teaching career in the past 18 years, that it is our desire collectively to fulfil our potential and let go of limiting thoughts, we just need to know that somebody or something has our back in this situation. We may take years to learn to completely trust that somebody will have our back and allow us to fulfil our dreams, even if that person is actually ourselves.

One way of checking in with this is to consistently write down your thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires. My favourite time to do this is very early morning, looking out at the sky budding with intention for the day ahead, dark to light, birds singing the song of longing for the light outside. I freeform write, essentially to get what is in my heart onto the page and in that moment have a new perspective of the things that happened yesterday, or my gratitude for the moment, or the day ahead. With my daughter’s (read:mine) guinea pigs snuffling about and their contented noises after eating their breakfast, I write. In that moment comes clarity, forgiveness even anger sometimes, and it all gets out onto the page.

Therefore, there is great sense in the idea of a journal, a diary, morning pages, the Daily Greatness Journal (my fave and no not sponsored this is loooooong before other people starting receiving money to LIKE stuff!). It is even sweeter after meditation, sweeter still with a hot morning coffee.

So in this time of transition, go dust off that notebook you got for Christmas from your Great Aunt, sharpen your pencil, and sit quietly with your dreams, pull your weeds, then plant your seeds.

Love you,

Claire X

Photo credit Logan Lemmon at Yogaglo.


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