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Please fill out all sections of the application form. We advise that you type out your longer answers in a separate document so that you can check word count and spellings before copying and pasting them into the form. This will also mean that you won’t lose your work if you accidentally hit the back button on your browser or the form doesn’t send properly.

Successful applicants will be asked to submit evidence of their existing teacher training certification, photographs, and a CV detailing all experience and education, after which those at a suitable level will be accepted on to the course.

We’ve answered most of the frequently asked questions in the Course Overview¬†and Application Guidance Notes, ¬†but if you’ve re-read those and have a question we’ve not thought of, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Yoga Experience

1. How long have you been practising yoga?
2 - 5 years5 -10 years10 years +

2. How long have you been teaching yoga?
1 year or less2 - 5 years5 years +

3.Are you currently teaching, and if so how often do you teach?
Daily2-3 times a weekOnce a week2-3 times a monthLess often

4. Do you have a meditation practice, and if so for how long?
I am new to meditation1 year or less2 - 5 years5 years +

5. Do you teach meditation?

6. How often do you attend classes?
More than once a weekOnce a week2-3 times a monthLess often

Please list the three teachers who have had the greatest influence on your practice, giving details including how long you studied with them, intensives and workshops you've attended etc.

What training have you completed with Claire Missingham?

What style(s) of yoga do you practice and/or teach?

What level(s) would you like to teach after this Teacher Training?
BeginnersIntermediate/AdvancedMixed Ability

Your Motivation

What inspires you about yoga? (max 250 words)

What interests you about Vinyasa Flow yoga? (max 250 words)

Please submit a Personal Teaching statement covering the following questions: What skills you may have that need development? Why will this training in particular be of benefit? 10 things you know hold you back in your practice and professional teaching life. (max 500 words)

Please submit a Personal Journey statement covering the following questions: Where you now and where do you visualise yourself to be? What potential is unrealised at present, including your relationship to written and creative work. (max 500 words)

Health Information

Do you have any medical conditions?

If yes, please describe:

Do you have any injuries?

If yes, please describe:

Are you taking any medication for depression, anxiety or have you even been diagnosed with any form of mental illness?

If yes, and if you feel comfortable to do so, please write more about your situation and medication, support you may be receiving and how this impacts your daily life and yoga practice.:

I hereby declare the information in this application to be true and complete. I understand that providing false information is grounds for rejection of this application, expulsion from the program, or revocation of certification.

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300 Hour Teacher Training

2018 / 2019 Advanced Yoga / Leadership Training

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